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Balloon Best Practices!


Balloons are great for any occasion, and never fail at putting a smile on anyone's face!  They are wonderful creations for all to enjoy.  However, balloons can cause lots of waste and litter!

100% natural rubber latex is biodegradable, but the process still takes years to accomplish.  If left littered in the environment, loose balloons and strings can be hazards to not only children, but animals as well.  

We DO NOT condone planned balloon releases and WILL NOT participate in such events.  We know in some ways it may be sentimental, or have some meaning attached to it, but what goes up must come down.  Balloons and strings may end up in wildlife habitats, waterways, or ugly litter on the streets.  

We ask that our customers be conscientious of their environments, and be wise stewards of their communities.


We use high quality balloons in our process.  However, defects can be present in the balloons at times.  If you think inflating by mouth may be dangerous, we recommend inflating with an air pump or helium tank.

Inflate the balloons until they begin to resemble a pear shape.  These are correctly inflated.  Be careful not to over-inflate. 

​Over-inflated balloons will have a tendency to burst more easily.... Obviously.

​But if that's what you're into and that's your plan, then by all means, happily proceed as you see fit!


Do not let children under 8 play with balloons unsupervised.  Any broken balloon pieces not immediately cleaned up can, like most things, end up in a child's mouth and become a choking hazard. 

Even a small piece of balloon latex can block a child's airway.  Be aware that any pets in the vicinity may also ingest broken balloon pieces, whether intentionally or accidentally.  


Allergies to latex can range from mild irritation to serious emergencies depending on the individual.  Please be aware of any allergies in your party when handling balloons.


Helium is a gas, just like Oxygen.  Oxygen is vital to every process in your body down to the cellular level.  Be aware that inhaling Helium will replace that oxygen in your system, which will cause light-headedness and even cause one to lose consciousness. Ingesting helium is not recommended.

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